Logistics in East Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu


A leading transportation company that provides a whole range of logistics services. Your move with us be it transportation, shipping, cranage or relocation will be managed by our specially assigned teams. With our team of professionals and our high standards, we are proud to have achieved 0% accident free records since millennium year.

We have been in the logistics industry for 55 years; seen our loyal customers stand by us from one generation to another, witnessed the development of technology in the industry and we have put together all our hard work and experience to offer the very best of service. We continuously invest in the development of our human resources and our fleet and equipment to ensure that our clients are at the forefront of today's market demands.

We liken "Sim Poh Boon" in Miri to a big tree standing strong with widespread roots deep in the ground; providing shade for its employees and customers. Our employees are proud to be with us as we place importance on their personal development, health and safety. Our customers have peace of mind when they let us handle their logistics needs. Our sound business and work ethics make us the chosen logistics provider in Miri.  

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 Established since 1966, A Continuing Success Story for 55 years!